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  • Greek Pizza
  • Meat Lover - Gluten Free pizza

Antico Forno Pizza

About us

Try some of Everett's best dishes at independent pizzerias in the city. Find new favorites and get a taste of what Everett has to offer.

Add Mozzarella Sticks to your pizza for a more satisfying meal. It's a great addition to any pizza from Antico Forno Pizza.

Antico Forno Pizza has been a Slice partner since 2022. They've been serving the local community for a while now, so you can rely on them providing great pizza. Call ahead and get curbside pickup at Antico Forno Pizza. It's never been easier to get hot, fresh pizza to go. Make your money stretch further by taking advantage of special offers at Antico Forno Pizza. The only thing better than pizza is pizza at an affordable price.